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  • Toy clutter

    3 Biggest Mistakes Keeping Your House Cluttered

    Are you looking to get your cluttered house under control but having trouble making progress? Does it feel like a losing battle? Are you overwhelmed by the negative effects of clutter? Check out these three common mistakes and learn how to…

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    15 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs to Simplify Your Life

    Have you caught the minimalist bug, or are you ready to give minimalist principles a try? Check out these minimalism blogs for inspiration on your path to minimalism. Beyond decluttering your home, minimalism can help you streamline your schedule, finances, and…

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    Marie Kondo Review: Is Tidying Up Really Life Changing?

    Is “tidying up” actually life-changing? Can folding your clothes into tiny domino-like rectangles make you a happier person? Should you jump on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and shed all your belongings that don’t spark joy? This Marie Kondo review will go…