How to Make Extra Money Selling on Poshmark

Are you taking the plunge on a capsule wardrobe or maybe just doing a major closet cleanout? It can feel so freeing to get rid of all the extra clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t need or use, but what should you do with them? Donation is always a quick and easy option, but have you wondered if you can make extra money selling clothes on Poshmark?

Here I’ll share my personal experiences with Poshmark after using the platform for over 2 years, along with tips to help you be successful. This article is about casual selling of your personal items, not making a business of Poshmark selling (though there are plenty who do this as well). Get ready to turn your discarded items into cash!

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online platform for selling secondhand clothes, shoes, and accessories. It has recently expanded to include household items as well. Poshmark makes it easy for you to create an ad with pictures and a description for each item, then post it for sale to its thousands of users. You set your price, and the buyer always pays shipping.

Buyers can search and browse for items based on brand, size, and category. They can like items to save them to their favorites list, make an offer on an item for the seller to consider, or purchase an item for its list price.

Once an item in your Poshmark “closet” sells, Poshmark makes it really easy by emailing you a printable shipping label. You simply package your item, attach the pre-prepared shipping label, and drop it in your mailbox or any postal center. Once the seller receives your item, they inspect it to make sure it matched your description and have 3 days to accept the item before your payment is released by Poshmark.

Poshmark takes care of collecting and distributing payment and acts as a mediator should there be any issues. Buyers are only allowed to reject an item if it did not have an accurate description (such as flaws not described); there are no returns for a buyer changing their mind or finding out the item is not a good fit for them.

How does Poshmark compare to other ways of selling clothes?

Aside from Poshmark, you could always make extra money selling clothes at a yard sale. Yard sales are quick and relatively painless (over in one day), but the prices you’ll fetch are typically rock bottom.

There are other selling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and good old Craigslist (see my assessment of these), but I’ve found Poshmark to be a top performer for clothes.

I personally haven’t tried ThredUp, because I read the payouts can be pennies. The simplicity is tempting—you pack your closet contents into their bag and send it off to be accepted and paid in one batch.

How to be successful selling on Poshmark

Know what sells

I’ve found that women’s clothes and shoes do very well on Poshmark as women are the majority of the buyers. I’ve had some success with baby and kids clothes, but you need to be choosy about what you post or bundle items to make it worthwhile for buyers.

At first, I expected only high-end brands would sell. I have some nice work pieces but nothing designer. However, I was pleasantly surprised that brands like Old Navy or even Target brands like Cherokee sold.

I was very choosy about what I bothered to post. It had to be stain-free and excellent condition except for maybe the most minor flaws that would be disclosed. Anything that had a stain or noticeable flaw, I sent off to donation.

Think seasonally when selling on Poshmark. Tank tops likely won’t sell in January just like boots won’t sell in July.

I haven’t really tried selling household items. In addition to clothes, I have sold shoes, a nursing bra, and cloth diapers.

It can be somewhat time consuming to post your items, though the Poshmark app makes it a seamless process. Check out some other postings to get an idea of what measurements are helpful (waist, inseam, armpit to armpit measurements).

Take good photographs

Photographs really make an item sell. Have a plain background (brighter is better) and consider styling your item with accessories or other coordinating pieces from your closet. Browse the app to get an idea for what an appealing photo looks like

You don’t have to have special equipment, but you could lay out a blanket or just ensure you have nice lighting.

Price your items

Again, browse around similar items to get a feel for common listing prices. I try to price my items below what a clearance or good sale price would be at the store where I bought it. You want to start a little higher than what you would like to accept in order to allow wiggle room for offers.

Remember that the items are used, and people want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. For low-priced items, consider bundling similar items, especially for baby items.

Connect and share

A big part of being successful is connecting with others and sharing items on the platform. Follow others and share their items, and they will share yours too.

There will be themed parties that you can share your items, and that can be helpful as well. I’m not really sure why, but it must get more people to browse your selection, because it does seem to help over time. When I’m actively selling, I’ll spend a few minutes a day doing this—it doesn’t have to be anything over the top.

Make private offers

I’ve found the key to making sales on Poshmark is the private offer feature. After someone (or a few people) like your item, you can send them a special price with reduced shipping. This is the key to sealing the deal and making sales on Poshmark.

You want to be mindful of this when originally pricing your items, because you will often need to offer a discount to get them to sell. The likers will receive a notification of your offer and have a limited time to accept. Make use of this feature, and you will sell!

Does selling on Poshmark really work?

With some effort and patience, you can make some extra money selling on Poshmark. I’m not active on there all the time. I log on when I have batches of items to sell and will give it a try for about a month or so, after which they go to donation or a yard sale.

I suggest setting a time limit so you don’t just keep the items forever. I always cordon them off in a bin or to a special section of the closet while I wait to see if they will sell. Going through selling periods helps me from having to monitor the app all the time, but you can do what works for you.

To date, I’ve sold 24 items for over $200. I’m pleased with this return and feel it was a good use of my time. I certainly didn’t sell everything I posted—maybe more like 20%.

You can either cash out and get your money from the app, or you can spend what you earned within the app. I probably spent about half of my earnings within the app, buying pieces for myself or clothes and Halloween costumes for the kids. I feel like I’m saving money and being environmentally responsible by buying perfectly decent used items.

Are you ready to give Poshmark a try? I wish you success!


  • CJ

    I’m a bit late to the party, but wanted to chime in as a donation center volunteer. Please guys, don’t donate clothes or shoes that have stains, flaws, or are worn out. We can’t resell them, so that’s just making us pay for the extra garbage pickups. Even free clothing closets can’t use anything in less than decent condition. Thanks for the article.

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