5 Easy Ways to Have a Minimalist Christmas

We all know Christmas is about more than the gift giving, but it’s hard to deny that aspect of the holiday. Is it possible to have a minimalist Christmas without putting a damper on everyone’s enjoyment? Absolutely.

If you’ve made a big effort to declutter and make intentional decisions about the things you have in your life, a slew of gifts could bring on stress. You don’t want to feel bad about returning or regifting something that was given to you, but maybe you just don’t want or need it.

You may have tried a request for no gifts, but that isn’t always the answer.

The bottom line is: people like giving gifts. It makes them feel good. They want to do something nice for you to show they care.

A request for no gifts may be ignored or met with disappointment. Asking for money may feel brazen or impersonal.

If you don’t offer gift suggestions when asked, you may end up with 13 scented candles or the start of a brand-new ugly sweater collection.

The methods I’ll include in this post offer some alternatives if people want to give you something that is respectful of your minimalist lifestyle.

These gifts are kind to the environment by not adding more waste to our planet. At the same time, they can be highly personable and memorable.

Give them a try, and your minimalist Christmas may be the most enjoyable one yet.

Easy ways to have a minimalist Christmas

Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Experience Gifts

Experiences can be so much more memorable than things.

Try suggesting tickets to a concert, event, or art show that you’d love to attend. Gift cards for dinner and a movie out can also make for a special treat. Bonus points if the gift comes with an offer of babysitting!

There’s always spa and mani-pedi gift certificates if you are craving relaxation.

Be sure to tell the giver what a great time you had and even share a picture or two.

You could even suggest that you and the other person do something together in lieu of exchanging gifts.

My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with those I hold dear. In my busy day-to-day life, I sometimes forget to schedule time with friends or slow down and really enjoy family time.

You could say to a loved one, “Spending some time together is all I want this year.”

Consider trying something festive like baking Christmas cookies or going on a sleigh ride together.

In lieu of family gift exchanges, you could host a family game night or cookie swap.

The gift of time with those you love can be the most wonderful of all.

2. Saving for a Trip

Whether you’re an avid traveler or it’s been an eternity since your last vacation, crowdfunding your next trip could help get you closer to that next memorable journey.

You’ve probably seen couples who set up a honeymoon registry. Well, trip funding doesn’t have to be reserved for newlyweds!

Websites like FundMyTravel make it easy to set up a personal trip page and share it with friends and family members. Their contributions will go right to your account.

Gift-givers can live vicariously through helping to fund your travels.

One of our family’s most memorable Christmas gifts was a generous trip to Great Wolf Lodge waterpark and resort. We had thought about visiting there for some time but may have never splurged for it on our own.

We had a blast and made some great family memories thanks to kind family members who wanted to give us a special gift.

3. Membership Gifts

There are so many digital subscriptions to choose from today. Did you know that you can get gift cards for subscriptions such as Netflix, HBO, Kindle Unlimited, and SiriusXM radio? These can make great gift options.

If adding another subscription to your life doesn’t sound appealing, you could suggest a donation to National Public Radio.

Other membership options that can make great gifts include memberships to museums, zoos, and aquariums. These provide you with fun experiences all year long and help support important organizations in your community.

Personally, these are one of our family’s favorite types of gifts. Family memberships can save a lot of money throughout the year and provide lasting entertainment.

4. Charity Donation

Want to feel really good about doing something for others this holiday season? Consider dedicating your minimalist Christmas to charity.

When asked for gift ideas, you can share that you’d feel great if the giver made a donation to charity. You can provide the name of your favorite cause or leave the choice up to the gift giver.

Chances are, you and the gift giver will feel great about this choice.

You could even suggest going together to pick out items for Toys for Tots, a coat drive, or the Angel Tree for children.

See the next option for an even more hands-on approach to charitable giving.

5. Volunteer Together

Make your minimalist Christmas about showing up for those in need. Encourage your loved ones who are able to join you to donate their time and energy.

You can get together to make care packages for nursing home residents or homeless shelters. Cook or serve a meal at a local soup kitchen or Ronald McDonald House.

Are you a pet lover? Collect and deliver donations to local rescue shelters.

Does your area have a food bank or diaper bank where you could volunteer with family and friends?

Try VolunteerMatch to look for opportunities in your area that are a good fit.

You could even go caroling and collect for a charity such as UNICEF.

Caring for others brings joy to the giver and will benefit all involved.

Have a Meaningful Minimalist Christmas

Hopefully these ideas have shown you some ways to have your most meaningful minimalist Christmas yet. You don’t have to forego all gifts to have a minimalist Christmas, though that is certainly an option.

For more inspiration see, 50+ Christmas gift ideas for minimalists.

By thinking a little outside the box, you can have new ideas to tell inquiring friends and family members who want to do something nice for you.

Some of the best ways to spend the holidays are by sharing the joy and love of the season, and you can do so without exchanging physical presents. I hope I’ve shown you a few ways to spread the holiday cheer.

The great thing is your loved ones won’t have to step foot in a mall or crowded store to check you off their list.

Did these ideas appeal to you? If you have others, please share them in the comments. I’d love to hear how you celebrated a joyful minimalist Christmas.

Gift ideas for a minimalist Christmas

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