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How to Stop Worrying When Pregnant (& Enjoy Your Pregnancy)

Guest post by Diana at The Healthier Mom

Have you ever heard the saying, “sometimes it’s better you don’t know”? Well, this is definitely something you want to consider when you’re pregnant. The more you know about complications that can happen during pregnancy, the more you’ll worry.

The best thing to do is to keep yourself informed enough where you know the basics. Don’t go deep into the rabbit hole finding out about all the bad things that can happen when they may not even apply to you.

After all, there is usually only a very tiny chance a complication may happen. Worrying doesn’t do anything good for you. It only causes stress and anxiety.

It won’t change your situation or make it any better. Instead, it makes things worse. Not only are you stressed out, but your baby is also experiencing the effects of your stress.

Try to think more about your baby in this particular instance. You want to try and keep yourself as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your pregnancy.

How to stop worrying during pregnancy

Worry Prevention During Pregnancy

Some of the most common things to worry about during pregnancy are the health of your baby and giving birth. But, as long as you take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle, you are doing everything you can.

If you’re really concerned about the health of your baby, you can always do a genetic test in the beginning of your pregnancy if you want some reassurance.

You’re also seeing your doctor periodically during your pregnancy, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can address them during your appointments. Your doctor will tell you if there is something to be concerned about.

As far as labor goes, you can create a birth plan so that you can feel more confident with the whole process. Remember, thousands of moms give birth every day. It’s what your body is meant to do!

There are also some simple exercises you can do to calm yourself down if you feel a sense of worry come up:

Calming Exercises When Pregnant

1. Meditate

Meditation can help you release any stress or worry you may have. It will also help give your mind some clarity and peace. It allows you to shift your focus from what you’re currently thinking about.

2. Go for a walk

Being outdoors helps improve your mood and allows you to clear your head of any negative thoughts.

3. Breathing exercises

Practicing breathing exercises will help your body relax and de-stress. You want to inhale deeply from your stomach, then release slowly and repeat.

4. Distract yourself

Sometimes a good way to remove your worry is simply to focus your attention on something else. This will allow you to forget about what you were worrying about.

5. Be positive

This can be a tough one when you’re worrying, but looking at things from an optimistic point of view can be really helpful. You can do this by speaking positive over your worries, listening to inspirational messages or speakers, or even reading a book.

These exercises can really help reduce any worries you may have during your pregnancy.

Reduce Your Worries Up Front

The big takeaway from this is to avoid worrying in the first place. I know that can be easier said than done. It may take some practice and patience to help release your worries, but it’s definitely doable.

Try to remember, worrying doesn’t do anything good for you, so there is no sense in worrying. Think positive, and you will feel much better. Most of the things we worry about don’t even happen, so it’s really not helpful.

Don’t go down the rabbit hole of reading too much pregnancy information on the internet that will only worry you. Dr. Google is not your doctor!

Try some positive activities instead, like the calming exercises I mentioned, finding the perfect baby name, preparing the nursery, or planning your babymoon.

I hope you relax and enjoy your pregnancy with less worry using the tips in this post. Be proud of all the great work your body is doing, and look forward to holding your beautiful baby in your arms.

Disclaimer: I am not providing any expert advice. This post is based solely on my opinion and should be treated as such. Please consult a medical professional if you have questions.

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Ways to stop the worry & enjoy being pregnant


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