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7 Powerful Stress Reduction Techniques for Working Moms

Juggling family, work, and other commitments can become overwhelming day after day. As a busy working mom with four kids, dealing with everyday stresses is one of the things I struggle with the most. That’s why I turned to my amazing community of mom bloggers to hear what stress reduction techniques they find most helpful. I’m sharing the best of the bunch here.

You might be surprised at how simple some of these stress reduction techniques are. Sometimes all it takes is one small change to make a big difference.

I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I did!

Tips are based on personal experience and should not be considered medical advice. Full disclaimer.

7 Powerful Stress Reduction Techniques for Working Moms

Stress reduction techniques for working moms

Eliminate one hated task

From Mina at Waylos

When I’m regularly feeling the mom burnout, I pick out the one thing I hate doing the most, and find a creative way to get it out of my life.

Long story short, there was a time I when found myself getting regularly stressed out. I knew something needed to change, I just didn’t know what.  So, I spent just one day taking stock of what I was feeling in each part of my day.  I picked out the one thing that I HATED doing the most. Turns out it was making after school snacks before my kids got home. It was a strong reminder that my “work time” was about to be over ?

I got creative and found a way to stop having to do it altogether!  I made a (healthy) “snacks shelf” in the fridge where my kids can reach it THEMSELVES.  Plus, I started prepping the snacks on the weekend! My daily snack making chore was gone. I stopped spending the rest of the day annoyed. It seriously cut my stress level IN HALF!

Embrace minimalism

From Maria at Literally Simple

Honestly, my secret has been to embrace minimalism. It starts with excess clutter, but then it infiltrates many other facets of life. For me it has helped with our finances, home, my personal style, and even the way I eat. When you have to make less decisions everything seems more manageable.

Be super organized

From Nina at Mama of Five

The single most important stress-relieving strategy for me is being super organised. I am a mom of 5 wonderful children and without organisation, my mind and home would be chaos.

The following tips are what I have been using for the last 2 years to get myself and my children organised so that I can focus on being productive at work while they are at school:

  • I make sure uniforms are ironed and ready the night before.
  • I know exactly what the children will have for their lunches so there are no arguments.
  • Dinner is already cooked as I batch cook on the weekend when my husband is at home. All I need to do is either make pasta, boil potatoes, or put some rice on.
  • I make sure the children’s school shoes are by the front door so we are not wasting precious time looking for shoes.
  • I get the children to help me clean the house after dinner, and I vacuum.

When the children are in bed and the house is clean, I feel so much more at ease and less stressed. I can then enjoy some quality me time while the kids are in bed. 

Mom relaxing after the kids are in bed

Head outside

From Rachel at Write Freelancer For You

With two young children (4-year-old son and almost 2-year-old daughter), working rotating shifts as a registered nurse and running a freelance writing business, my stress levels can sky rocket.

Whenever I feel like I am about to become overwhelmed by stress, I grab my children and our dog and we head outside. We go for a walk (or I do whilst the children sit in the pram or my eldest rides his bike) and play in the park. Moving my body, focusing on pushing the pram, the fresh air and that change of scenery is usually enough to reset my focus and calm my mind. My children are also calmer for it which means once we get home I can get more done!

That is my number one stress-reducing strategy – walk and play outside!

Tackle one small task

From Annie at Awake and Begin

Some days it feels like nothing is getting done, and that can be so stressful and frustrating. You want to be a good mom and be there for your babies when they need you, and you also want to have a tidy house and at least an idea of what you will make for dinner in mind. And then there’s the overflowing email inbox, laundry, dishes, and to-do list piling up. When I find myself getting overwhelmed by it all, I can become paralyzed and end up doing nothing.

This is when I pick something small to do. Put on a favorite movie or show and fold one basket of laundry. Put on music and clear off the kitchen island. Pick one very small task to do. Don’t try to do it all in that moment. I like this strategy because I’m at least getting one thing off my list, which makes me feel better.

Be proactive

From Laura at LaLa to MaMa

As a full-time working mom of 3 boys, life can often be chaotic. If I just go moment to moment I get stressed out because no one knows what should come next. One thing I have learned is that prepping and planning is crucial. If I let myself be lazy and just say that I will get to things later, then I end up getting stressed out and yelling at the kids. That is no fun for anyone.

Working mom organizing her schedule

Each week I make a schedule which includes some in my head, some on my phone calendar (which I have linked with my husband) and a to-do list on OneNote (so I can access from my phone or computer since it’s in the cloud). I look at what is planned for the week so I can plan meals, whether cooking at home or take-out. I also look at chores that need to be done. I try to space out chores so it’s not overwhelming. Two times a week I do a load of the kids’ clothes because there are 3 of them. My husband and my clothes I usually do on the weekend.

In the evenings, I try to prep everything for the next morning so things are not hectic. I get lunches made, get the coffee maker set, get bottles ready, clothes picked out for the kids, etc. I have a “staging” area near the garage door where I put backpacks, my purse, laptop bag, water bottle, jackets, umbrellas and anything else we might need to bring with us. I have learned the hard way that I will not remember to go grab that one thing in the morning. If it’s not there, then it is not going out the door with us.

Being proactive instead of reactive makes a world of difference for me and my family!

Wake up before the kids

From Mallory at Mom of W.A.R., Hear My Roar

You can change the entire mood of your family’s morning routine, just by waking up 30 minutes before your kids! Take that 30 minutes to do whatever YOU want. Personally, I work on quick blogging tasks, check e-mails, then get breakfast started. What you do doesn’t necessarily matter, it’s having that time to wake up and have a moment for you before the house starts getting hectic. Try it for a week (not just one day)! You will see what I mean.

Reduce stress and prevent burnout

Were you inspired by some of these stress reduction techniques?

If you’re showing signs of mom burnout, I hope you’ll try making a change to reduce your stress levels. Using healthy stress management techniques will benefit you and your kids.

Please share to help other working moms!

Stress Reduction Secrets for Working Moms


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