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Summer Bucket List for Couples: 31 Fun & Romantic Ideas

Summer can be a great time for connection with your partner. Take advantage of the warm temperatures, relaxing vibe, and the excitement of summer that harkens back to childhood. Use the ideas in this post to create a summer bucket list that you can complete as a couple.

For parents, summer can mean A LOT of kid time. This can make for great family memories, but don’t forget to balance things out by making time for you and your partner.

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Summer Bucket List for Couples: 31 Fun & Romantic Ideas

Creating and Completing a Summer Bucket List as a Couple

Making a summer bucket list just for the two of you can help ensure you don’t neglect your relationship amidst trekking the kids to the pool, zoo, etc.

Use those extra daylight hours to have some special moments after the kids are in bed. Get a sitter on occasion (the neighborhood college kids may be home for the summer and looking to make extra cash). Or take a day off work while the kids are at camp to spend time with your partner.

Working through your couple’s summer bucket list together can take you beyond the monotony of everyday routines and remind you of what it felt like when you were dating. Remember when you made an effort to explore fun and intimate activities together?

With the many options below, you can each pick some favorites to populate your list together. Or embrace the element of surprise and put slips into a jar, then pull one or two out to complete each week.

Activity Ideas for Your Couples Summer Bucket List

There are a range of options here, including many that can be done at home and for free or a small budget. I know summer can be costly so I’m helping you out ?

Check out the full list below or download a copy to send to your partner (hint hint) or post on the wall as a visual reminder.

1. Watch a movie outside

There’s something a little magical about watching a movie under the stars. Our city has several options for outdoor movies throughout the summer. Check out what’s available in your area, or you can always bring a tablet into the backyard!

2. Have a picnic

My husband and I did this on our wedding night, complete with a bottle of champagne. It can be quite relaxing and romantic. Find a nice outdoor spot and enjoy.

Coupe enjoys a summer picnic outdoors

3. Make s’mores

Goopy marshmallow and melted chocolate—how fun. You can’t tell me the kid in you won’t crack a smile. Gather your s’more supplies and get roasting.

4. Visit a garden

Do you have a local arboretum or garden? Wander through together and enjoy nature’s beauty. Try holding hands along the way.

5. Play corn hole

A little friendly competition to unwind. Winner gets a back rub?

6. Stargaze

So simple and powerful. Lay a blanket out and gaze up at the stars. See what you can spot first without the help of a smartphone app. Ask each other questions about the universe.

7. Go for a scenic drive

Put the windows down and find some country roads to explore. You never know what you might find off the beaten path.

8. Relax in a hammock

Nothing says summer like a hammock for two. Snuggle up close and let your tension melt away.

9. Go to an outdoor concert

A great thing about summer is there are lots of free outdoor music performances. Check one out or get tickets to a show you know your partner will love.

10. Watch the sunset

We stay so busy that it’s easy to fail to appreciate the beauty that happens every day. Make a moment to connect and experience this wonder together.

Couple enjoys a summer sunset together

11. Play croquet

An underrated, dignified outdoor activity. A real wood set is practically a summer essential. Pair your game with some summer cocktails if you like.

12. Relax at the pool

Yes, the pool can be relaxing (without the kids). Float along together or camp out in neighboring lounge chairs, chilling the hours away.

13. Go to a food truck rodeo

Taste your way around. Try something new and share bites.

14. Have champagne and fresh fruit for breakfast

Just because. It will feel like room service no matter where you are.

15. Go boating

There are many options—ferry, kayak, canoe, paddle boat, and more. Pick one you’ve never done together and make a new memory. Don’t forget the sunscreen and water!

16. Play miniature golf

Feel like a kid again when you get super excited about a hole in one.

17. Go on a day trip

Make your own adventure while spending the day together, just the two of you. Pick out something you’ve been wanting to do within driving distance, then make it happen. Bonus points if you prep a special playlist.

18. Have dinner outside by candlelight

You can DIY it or make a reservation.

19. Go beer or wine tasting

That’s tasting (not getting sloshed). Take your time and grab a favorite bottle to bring home and enjoy.

20. Throw a frisbee

Don’t take it too seriously. It’s OK to laugh at how terrible you are.

21. Go for a hike

Get lost in nature together—it’s great for stress relief.

Couple having fun hiking during the summer

22. Watch the sunrise

It should be on anyone’s bucket list. You’ll cherish these moments together.

23. Go to a baseball game

What’s more American than a baseball game? You’ll have plenty of time for conversation, plus there’s good snacks.

24. Fly a kite

When’s the last time you tried this? It’s harder than you remember! Think you can achieve it with some teamwork? (Hint: Try one for beginners.)

25. Go fruit picking

Mmmm… summer berries.

26. Get a couples massage

Yes please! Where do I sign up?

27. Go antiquing

You don’t have to buy anything, but I bet there will be lots of conversation starters.

28. Watch fireworks

There are often other summer occasions beyond July 4th to enjoy a fireworks show. But don’t make your own—leave it to the professionals. A trip to the ER is memorable but not romantic.

Couple kisses holding sparklers on romantic summer night

29. Recreate your first date

This one will bring back some memories. It doesn’t have to be exact, and you can give it some upgrades if you want.

30. Stroll around a farmer’s market

Enjoy fresh fruit and veggies, honey, cheese, flowers, and more. You might even find some things to plan your picnic.

31. Share an ice cream

The ultimate bond—being willing to share a bite of your ice cream. Test the bounds of your love.

Get Started Today

What piqued your interest? Are you ready to get started? I hope you have a great time and make some wonderful memories together! I’d love to hear about your favorites.

Maybe your summer bucket list will even inspire intentional connection with your partner throughout the year.

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Summer Bucket List for Couples - Have fun and grow closer

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