A tidy living area shows the joy minimalism can bring

15 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs to Simplify Your Life

Have you caught the minimalist bug, or are you ready to give minimalist principles a try? Check out these minimalism blogs for inspiration on your path to minimalism.

Beyond decluttering your home, minimalism can help you streamline your schedule, finances, and life. Get rid of excess and focus your energy on what truly matters.

Minimalism isn’t all or nothing—you can reduce to the level that feels good to you.

15 Must-Read Minimalism Blogs

This post contains some affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you use them (at no cost to you). Full disclosure.

You can start by checking out my posts on minimalism, including my experience with Marie Kondo style decluttering.

For more minimalist inspiration, check out these 15 must-read minimalism blogs. Many of these women started out stressed and overwhelmed before realizing there was a better way. You’re going to love them.

Minimalism Blogs

In no particular order:

1. Embracing the Simplified

A resource for simplifying your home, money, and life.

2. Balance Through Simplicity

Inspiration for decluttered living that supports you.

3. Lovely and Green

A beautiful blog on minimalism, mindset, and personal development for women.

4. Simple, on Purpose

Helping moms live with more passion and purpose through decluttering. Try her Simple Saturdays.

5. The Mindful Mom Blographer

Great content on mindful and intentional living, minimalism, and zero waste living.

6. The Minimalist Mom

Everything decluttering for families.

7. Mindful Minimal Me

Mindful living tips for the home and life.

8. The Simple Balance

A homeschooling, minimalist mom of 4.

9. Simple Lionheart Life

A mom shares her tips for having less stuff and more life.

10. Happy Simple Mom

Clutter-busting solutions for families to boost your happiness.

11. Simple Days

Resources and support for simple living.

12. Filling the Jars

Providing inspiration to defeat overwhelm, simplify life, and achieve your goals.

13. Simply Fiercely

A shopaholic turned minimalist who shares secrets to intentional living.

14. The (mostly) Simple Life

Helping you to banish clutter and stress less about money.

15. A Decluttered Life

Everything decluttering.

I hope you enjoy these minimalism blogs as much as I have! Did I miss one of your favorites? Share it in the comments.


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