3 Ways to Be Your Best Self in the New Year

Resolutions and personal goals often focus on our physical bodies, but what about our whole selves? If you’re looking to be your best self in the New Year, there are some simple ways to get you headed in that direction.

Your personal growth is in your hands so commit to a few changes today:

3 Steps to Be Your Best Self in 2020

1. Simplify

Simplifying your life in a variety of ways can have far-reaching effects. How can you make things easier for yourself by dropping things that just don’t matter so much?

This goes for intangibles such as your schedule as well as the physical clutter in your life. You don’t have to go completely minimalist to see big effects.

Try some of the following on for size:

  • Reduce your kid’s scheduled afterschool activities
  • Say no to an event you don’t want to attend
  • Fill 1 trash bag full of things you don’t need
  • Decline unnecessary meetings
  • Try a capsule wardrobe
  • Make one-pot meals
  • Take a decluttering challenge
  • Commit to a no-spend month (or week)
  • Get your groceries delivered
  • Remove 5 apps from your phone
  • Choose experiences over material gifts
  • Have a do-nothing day

These ideas are just for inspiration—you know best the pain points in your life. How can you address them by simplifying?

The stuff in our lives can become stifling over time. See how it feels to reduce.

My bet is you’ll be hooked and won’t look back. With more time and more space to breathe, you’ll feel lighter and be inspired to tackle your dreams.

2. Live your personal mission statement

First, have you written your personal mission statement? I mean actually written it down. If not, that is a key first step.

Your personal mission statement should say in a sentence what you value and want to accomplish in life. It reflects your ideal self. Take your time to craft it and make sure it means something to you.

Once you have it written down, use your personal mission statement as a gauge with which to measure the decisions and actions in your life. Ask yourself:

  • Does your choice align with your personal mission?
  • Are you spending your time and energy in ways that reflect your personal mission?
  • What are you currently missing from the ideal represented in your personal mission?

When you identify something in conflict with your personal mission, fix it or get rid of it.

When you find something you’re lacking in pursuit of your personal mission, go after it with everything you’ve got!

Keeping your personal mission front and center in your day-to-day life will help you adjust course and stay on the path to be your best self.

3. Give back

Find some ways throughout the year to give back to others, no matter how small. Doing something out of kindness for others will benefit you as well as the recipients.

There are infinite ways to give back; here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate to those less fortunate
  • Offer a professional service for free
  • Help someone with a chore or errand
  • Give to an important cause
  • Be there for someone in a time of need
  • Mentor someone who needs a professional boost
  • Cook for someone who could use some help

Forcing yourself to think about others in need will help you be more grateful for what you have. Gratitude is a one of the most helpful kinds of self-reflection and can boost happiness.

You’ll feel good about what you did, and that’s perfectly OK! Doing kind acts can be quite addictive and fill you with a sense of purpose. The best part is you’ll be helping others in the process.

Be Your Best Self in the New Year

With these three steps, you’ll be on your way to your best self in the New Year. By simplifying, living your personal mission statement, and giving back, you’ll feel like a new and improved version of yourself.

No matter what, it’s your efforts that matter. By committing to your personal development, you’ll be on the road to a more intentional and fulfilling life.

Share your personal mission statement commitment in the comments!