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5 Instant Mood Lifters for Moms

We’ve all been there—when you can’t seem to shake the annoyed, angry, “I just want to hide under the covers” feeling. You’ve got to keep on parenting so you need something to boost your mood fast. These mood lifters for moms are designed just for you.

You’re tired of cleaning, wiping butts/mouths/noses, and waiting on the every need of your mini-humans. You’re in a rut. It’s understandable! Parenting is exhausting business.

When that spark of joy seems to have faded and dropping the kids off at grandma’s is not an option, try these tried and true ways to get your mojo back. These mood-lifting ideas are great for moms of toddlers to teens and are designed to be done with your kids.

They require little energy or skill and will help you re-establish a positive connection with your little ones to see the joy in parenting again.

If you have an infant, check these out.

If you’re looking for alone time, see these self-care ideas.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you use them (at no cost to you). Full disclosure. Tips are based on personal experience and should not be considered medical advice. Full disclaimer.

Without further ado, here are the instant mood lifters for moms:

1. Coffee 2. Chocolate 3. Ice cream 4. Wine 5. Winning the lottery


Instant Mood Lifters for Moms

1. Be Active

Kick or throw a ball together, chase bubbles, or play tag or hide and seek. If the weather is bad, we toss a Koosh ball into a basket or play Jazzminton indoors (really, nothing broken yet). Animal walk or put some music on and have a dance party. Don’t overthink it. The point is to get moving, have fun, and stop thinking about all the other STUFF.

2. Get Some Touch Therapy

Try “will you snuggle with me?” or “mommy needs a hug.” Share a blanket and be in the moment. Give them a squeeze, breathe in their warmth, and nuzzle their hair. Most little ones will love this one too. The physical connection is sure to help remind you of the joys of motherhood.

3. Get Outside

Go for a walk, sit on the porch, or lie on a blanket in the yard. Feel the sun’s rays on your skin and talk about what you observe around you. Spot shapes in the clouds, have fun with your shadows, or go on a “treasure hunt” to see what natural wonders you can find (flowers, leaves, bugs, etc.). A change of scenery can do wonders!

4. Build a Fort

You can’t tell me the kid inside you doesn’t love a fort! Stop the worrying or chores and watch your kid’s face light up when you say “let’s build a fort.” Make it as simple or creative as you want. Blankets, pillows, and the couch or some chairs will do. We’ve made forts out of cardboard boxes (Mr. McGroovy’s rivets help) that my kids play with for weeks. They bring their stuffed animals on adventures and have even slept overnight in their forts! Add some flashlights for extra fun.

Bonus: After the build is done, you will feel like a rockstar mom and may even get some time to yourself while the kids enjoy their new play space.

5. Play a Game

Dust off a game and give one a try. They are great for getting you engaged while not requiring much effort. Our family is always trying out new ones. See what works for you and have a few options on hand for when you or the kids are in need of a simple break.

There are many great options out there. Some of our favorites for various ages include Don’t Break the Ice, Headbandz, Suspend, Blokus, Otrio, and Utter Nonsense. If one of these isn’t your speed, make up a story together by going back and forth, telling one line each.

You’ve probably noticed that the theme of these strategies is to get you out of your head (and bed), have some simple connection time with your kids, and start to bring your spark back. These ideas are designed to be quick, easy, and require little prep time or effort.

I hope you find some joy in these mood lifting activities for moms. Share what works for you!

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