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9 Foolproof Ways to Find Joy in Your Day

Have your days been just ho-hum lately? Are you giving out more sighs than smiles? Find joy again in each day using these nine simple mood-boosting tricks.

Everyday life can be pretty tiring. If it feels like the mundane has completely taken over, you’ve got to do something to get your oomph back.

Don’t worry, even a small change of course can have ripple effects on your day. Give these a try, and I hope you’ll be feeling joyful in no time.

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1. Laugh

The benefits of laughter for your body and mind are real. Here are some ideas to get you giggling:

  • Have a tickle war with your kids.
  • Text a friend a wacky gif and see what you get back.
  • Recount a funny memory with your partner.
  • Listen to a comedy podcast.
  • Watch a standup special on Netflix.
  • Browse the Onion.
  • Check out #momsquad on Twitter.
  • Spend a few minutes with Funny or Die on YouTube.
  • Find some hilarious parenting cartoons online.

2. Connect with someone

Find joy through a personal connection. Preferably with an adult in real life. You might be surprised at the difference this makes.

  • Step outside your office or cube and casually chat someone up.
  • Head to a playgroup or story time and strike up a conversation (talk about their kid—that always works).
  • Ask a friend, neighbor, or coworker out for a walk, coffee, or lunch.
  • Give your partner some time with just them and no distractions (screens, kids, etc).

3. Give a compliment

Trust me, it will feel so good to watch someone else light up! This one is super quick and easy. You and the receiver will get instant feel-good benefits. It might be hard to stop at one!

4. Appreciate the wonder of nature

When you stop and take notice, nature never ceases to amaze. Find joy in the wonder of your surroundings. Notice the cloud patterns. Watch leaves dance in the breeze. What are the colors of the sunrise or sunset today? Gaze up at the moon or the stars. If you can’t get a taste of the real thing, check out some pictures online. You’ll be reinvigorated by the world around you.

5. Be grateful

Maybe you timed carpool just right, someone held the elevator for you, or your kid actually sat and ate their dinner. Make a mental note of all the things going your way.

Get into the practice of writing down three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day, and you’ll find it becomes automatic to have small moments of gratitude throughout your day.

6. Say one nice thing to yourself

You can do it! Bonus points if you look in the mirror and say it out loud. (Writing it down also works.)

Give it a try:

  • “I work really hard for my family.”
  • “My hair looks awesome today.”
  • “I give great hugs.”

7. Be attuned to your senses

A little mindfulness can go a long way. Use your senses to help you savor the present.

  • Find softness somewhere in your day—a piece of clothing, a snuggle.
  • Indulge in some at-home aromatherapy with a candle, soap, or a drop of essential oil.
  • Slow down and appreciate the taste of something you really enjoy.
  • Feel the weight of your blanket at night and relish in its comfort.

8. Try something creative

Find joy using your creative side. Activate those creative juices and turn down the list-making, chore-completing part of your brain for a while. Keep it simple and have fun. No worries if it turns out a disaster!

  • Try a new recipe.
  • Enjoy some adult coloring.
  • Make paper snowflakes.
  • Do origami.
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  • Fly a paper airplane.
  • Craft something out of pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

9. Let go for a moment

Throw your inhibition to the wind (momentarily). Do something off the wall. Just let go!

  • Sing to your favorite 80s or 90s tune as loud as you can.
  • Challenge your little one to a dance contest or air guitar battle.
  • Make funny faces.
  • Try out a funny voice.
  • Go skipping down the sidewalk hand in hand.

Find Joy Every Day

Give these strategies a try and you can’t tell me you won’t be feeling a little brighter by the end of the day.

Practice these regularly to infuse happiness into your life.

Don’t forget to make self-care a part of your regular routine.

Also check out the ways to connect with your child when feeling overwhelmed.

I’d love to hear what gives you the biggest mood boost! Share in the comments.

9 ways to find joy in every day


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