Working mom writing letter to her breast pump

A Letter to My Breast Pump

Dear Breast Pump,

We’ve been together a while now

Attached quite literally

I schlep you to work and back each day

You are my front seat passenger

And my office mate

A poor plastic substitute

For my sweet squishy child

Yet you keep the milk flowing

For my precious little one

For that I am grateful

I’ve washed your appendages

More than my babe

I awake at 3 am thinking,

“Should I use you?”

But I am never excited to

You’ve given me sweet relief one day

And painful clogged ducts the next

You’ve spent more time with my bosom

Than my husband ever has

We’ve traveled far and wide together:

A Broadway show,

An airplane bathroom,

A wedding (not mine),

That work conference,

More bathrooms than I care to count

I appreciate your ample battery

You are a faithful servant

A friend I love to hate

When your time is done,

Should I bury you in the back yard

Next to the guinea pig?


The working mom

Can you relate? What have you and your breast pump been through together? Share in the comments!

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