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25 Inspiring Affirmations for Working Moms

Working mom guilt is like a sludge that’s hard to get rid of and never quite goes away. But you can fight back. Practice these inspiring affirmations to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

I see you out there sitting at your desk, missing your kids, wondering if you’re doing the right thing by being away from them. I’ve been at the working mom gig for nearly 15 years, and some days are easier than others.

Guilt-busting affirmations for working moms
Mantras to End Working Mom Guilt

I go through times where I love my job and feel like it lights a fire in me. Other times I can get stuck in a slump and find myself just wishing I was home with my little ones. When my heart is aching for them, it’s hard to focus on work. Then I feel guilty for not being productive, and no one wins.

The inner battle experienced by working moms is completely understandable, but that doesn’t make it easy. To get over those bumps in the road and focus on being the best you and mom, try giving yourself a pep talk.

If you haven’t tried them before, affirmations are simple positive statements that can reprogram your thinking. Don’t feel silly—there is science behind their benefits. Affirmations can help make you more resilient and able to overcome life’s challenges, reduce negative thoughts, and instill a positive mindset. They are also useful when trying to make a change toward a goal.

You can repeat them out loud, in your mind, or write them in your journal or on a sticky note. Try a combination for greatest effect!

Below are 25 inspiring affirmations to get you started. Try a rotation or use the ones that really hit home for you in addressing those personal weak spots.

Guilt-Busting Affirmations for the Working Mom

1. My kids love me

2. I’m setting a great example

3. Quality time over quantity

4. I’m a strong woman

5. My career matters

6. I work hard for my family

7. I’m a caring mom

8. Love is not 9 to 5

9. I’m a master juggler

10. I am meant to pursue my passions

11. I’m more than a mom

12. Missing my kids is OK

13. I am up for the challenge

14. My colleagues appreciate me

15. I’m good at what I do

16. I never want to stop learning

17. I am respected

18. My skills are valuable

19. I eat chaos for breakfast

20. My family believes in me

21. I am cool under pressure

22. I give my best to my work and kids

23. I can handle this

24. My days are filled with purpose

25. I provide for my kids

Did you find a few of these that resonate with you? Practice your favorites, then try adding to them by writing your own meaningful affirmations (see these tips). Share yours in the comments! Tackle those negative thoughts head on.

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Onward, working mom. You’ve got this!

Inspiring affirmations for working moms to fight working mom guilt

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