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  • What are the habits of happy mothers?

    Book Review: The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

    Exhausted, stressed out moms are becoming the norm—we’re so often tasked with doing it all. I know the feeling of being pulled in every direction as a busy mom who wants to do everything for her kids. That’s why I was…

  • Woman writing in her journal

    Benefits of Journaling: What I Learned After 30 Days

    After learning about the potential benefits of journaling, I committed to giving journaling a try. The goals were to increase my gratitude and incorporate time for self-reflection into each day. See why moms benefit from journaling and how to get started.…

  • Journaling for women

    Does Journaling Really Work?

    Would you like be more intentional with your life this year? If so, will you join me on a journey of self-reflection through journaling? I’ve never been one to keep a diary, but after reading about the potential benefits of journaling…