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Free Christmas List App to Stay Organized

I used to use a Christmas list app that was only for that purpose, but it started to charge money or I would lose features. I love the idea of tracking Christmas gift purchases and ideas on my phone. It lets me have all the information with me everywhere and keep myself honest with my budget.

It also keeps me from forgetting gifts I’ve hidden from the kids.

Benefits of Using a Christmas List App

I guess it’s pretty stereotypical, but as the mom, I do about 95% of the Christmas shopping in our house. I’m not complaining—actually I love gift giving because it makes me feel so good to surprise others and make them happy.

Even as an aspiring minimalist, I’m still hooked on the generosity of Christmas. I’m just careful about my budget, and I think beyond material gifts.

The holidays can be a stressful time, and my mom brain definitely doesn’t have the ability to store gift ideas and purchases for my four kids and countless family members. I love a good spreadsheet, but I needed something that’s easy to view and update from an aisle in Target.

Organize your Christmas list: free Trello board template

Trello as a Christmas List App

Since the original Christmas list app I tried, I fell in love with Trello for its simplicity in organizing my regular to-do list or ideas around any topic. You can create quick Trello boards on the fly and customize them in many different ways. The color-coding ability and simple drag and drop functionality for list items got me hooked.

I decided to give Trello a try as a DIY Christmas list organizer, and I was super happy with the result.

Now my Christmas list Trello board helps me organize everything around gift giving so I can keep my mind clear during the holidays. I’m able to track:

  • Gift ideas for each person (with color coding)
  • My gift purchases (and even where I’ve hidden them)
  • Gift ideas I’ve given to others so I don’t tell multiple people the same thing
  • A running tally of gift costs vs budget (so important!)

It’s quick to consult at a glance in the Trello app, and I can also dive deep and add any details or comments I want to remember.

Free Christmas List App

I made my Trello Christmas list template public so anyone can use it. Yes, it’s free!

It’s really easy to copy the board and then customize it for you. You can set your own colored labels and add or delete lists according to your needs.

You can make your board private so only you can see it or you can make it a team board and share it with another Trello user like your partner. That way you’ll both be on the same page about the Christmas shopping.

If you’re new to Trello, learn the basics in just a few minutes.

I keep Trello on my phone for other uses throughout the year, and if I get a Christmas idea in June, I can go ahead and add it right to the Christmas list board.

I’ve been using the same Trello Christmas list system for a few years now, and each year I think of a few improvements to make. Give it a try, and please let me know and if you have any suggested improvements. What’s great about Trello is you can try out different things.

This system has really helped me stay on budget (or close to it) at Christmas. With a large family, costs can add up quick.

I hope you enjoy the free Christmas list app!

Free Christmas List App


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