6 Minimalist Habits To Live By for a Simpler Life

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It’s safe to say minimalism has changed my life for the better. I used to obsess over wanting the hottest item or the hugest home. It was a competition of showcasing myself in the most materialistic way. And no amount of new clothes or jewelry made me any happier.

Minimalism really helped me turn my life around. And I’m definitely someone who encourages anyone to try it or at least apply some of the minimalist habits to their daily routine. Simply applying a few of these tactics will truly help lead a more fulfilling life.

Today, I wanted to share with you 6 minimalist habits to live by. 

6 Minimalist Habits to Live By

Essential Minimalist Habits

1. Decluttering Isn’t a One-Time Show

Even as someone who has been a minimalist for 5 years, I am still decluttering on a regular basis. You need to understand that life happens. You are always going through the motion of bringing new things in and moving old things out.

Unless you are someone who will not buy anything else EVER again, you will always have things to get rid of. And honestly, I’ve found the decluttering process rather therapeutic and relaxing when done properly. It feels like an accomplishment when you are finished.

If you are unsure about the decluttering process, learn how to get started. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be decluttering each season. 

2. Refrain From Impulse Purchases

The easiest way to prevent the cycle of clutter in your life is to be smart about your purchases. Ask yourself, “do I really need this item?” or “how will this benefit my life?”

You also need to marinate on your wish list for a while. Write it down in your notes section, and if you still want it in a few weeks or a month, maybe you should buy it. But give yourself time to really think about it.

Half of my impulse purchases over the years have been complete mistakes and have ended up at donation centers or even the trash. We don’t need more excess waste on this planet. 

3. Clean As You Go

To not making cleaning such a chore, I always pick up after myself as I’m doing a task. It can’t always go this way, but for the most part, I try to have this mindset.

For example, while I’m cooking, I’ll clean dishes while the food is in the oven or I’ll put condiments back into the fridge as I go. That way, when dinner is served or even after you’ve eaten, you don’t have a messy kitchen to tackle. You can go straight to watching Netflix or something relaxing afterward.

Also, treat your home as separate sections. Go one room at a time or even one surface of furniture at a time. It makes cleaning feel less daunting, and you’ll have a clean home in no time. 

4. Keep Surfaces Clear

For the most part, I try to keep my countertops and surfaces clear. If I have something displayed, it’s either something we use on a regular basis, like a toaster oven, or a decor item with special value.

I also limit the amount of items on a surface to around three items max. Otherwise, the more you display, the more you have to dust. It makes cleaning so much faster.

Also, I find clear spaces to be less overwhelming and stressful. If my desk is filled with paperwork, I immediately feel negative over the situation. Less is always more. 

5. Embrace Space 

I think it’s so easy to feel like you always have to fill a space, whether it’s a blank wall or a corner in your bedroom. But I say, embrace it because emptiness can actually be pretty and airy.

I personally love letting a paint color be the artwork. I’m very strategic when choosing a painting or picture on my walls.

I’m not saying you have to live in a home with barely any furniture or personality, but never feel like you need to overwhelm the space either. There’s a balance. 

6. Be Grateful For What You Have 

It’s so easy to want more in this life. Society engraves that mentality in our minds. But it is possible to reject that way of thinking and be blessed with what you have.

I think our mindset of always wanting the next best thing and envying others all the time is such a negative way of thinking. We need to be proud of our lives and accomplishments and learn to just be present in the moment. Life is too short to just rush through it like it’s some huge race.

Even with the challenging world we are living through right now, it’s so important to have gratitude. I started writing in a journal and listing a few things I was grateful for each day. This practice truly changed my perspective on life for the better. I recommend it to anyone. 

Your Minimalism Journey

The key thing to remember with minimalism is, there is no right way to be. There are some more extreme minimalists who live out of a backpack while others could see a seasonal declutter session to be efficient. But if you are wanting to embark on a more simple life and feel less overwhelmed by your belongings, these six minimalist habits can lead you into that direction.

As someone who has been embarking on this journey for 5 years now, I am always learning, tweaking, and reflecting on my routines. As Marie Kondo says, you have to find what sparks joy and go there.

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6 Minimalist Habits to Live By for a Simpler Life

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