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Are You at Risk of Mom Burnout? Take the Free Quiz

Parenting is hard work, and even the best moms can be at risk for mom burnout. Do you ever wonder how you’re coping as a mom? This mom burnout quiz is designed to help you find out.

Others may seem to have everything under control, but all moms struggle at times.

So what is mom burnout? Webster’s defines burnout as, “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.”

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Which mom are you? Take the quiz to find out if you're at risk for mom burnout
Are you at risk for mom burnout? Take the free quiz to find out.

It’s no surprise that motherhood, one of the most demanding jobs on earth, can lead to burnout. According to researchers, the “huge and continuous” responsibility of parenting may explain higher rates of stress and poorer mental health in women.

The monotony of daily tasks and limited time to attend to one’s own personal needs may also contribute to mom burnout.

Read about some of the signs of mom burnout to watch out for. It’s important to check in with yourself and recognize when you’re having a hard time. This will allow you to make adjustments or get some extra support.

Mom burnout makes everything feel harder, but there are ways to fight back and prevent burnout from setting in. Self-care practices are critical for all moms and especially those who are suffering from mental exhaustion.

You can also make life a little easier by taking a careful look at your busy schedule and cutting back on activities.

These are just a couple of the strategies you can use in the battle against mom burnout. You should not feel guilty for needing to take care of yourself. Your well-being is important in its own right and is also essential to keeping your family happy and functioning.

Mom Burnout Quiz

Moms are used to pushing through their own exhaustion, yet this habit can wear away the sense of self over time. Take the mom burnout quiz below to see where you stand. On a scale from 1 to “I’m not your mother anymore,” how burned out are you feeling?

Take the free quiz to find out if you're at risk for mom burnout
Are you at risk for mom burnout? Take the free quiz to find out


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