Moms with anxiety: you're not alone
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Moms Struggling With Anxiety: You’re Not Alone

Until now, I’ve only shared my experience with anxiety with a couple of close friends. I believe strongly in ending stigma around mental illness. Why should those with mental health disorders suffer in silence feeling like they’re alone in the struggle when there are so many others out there facing similar challenges?

1 in 4 US adults has a diagnosable mental disorder, according to recent estimates. Nearly 1 in 5 have anxiety and 1 in 10 depression, and these commonly occur together.

Moms struggling with anxiety: you're not alone

Mental illness is not a weakness, and it’s not your fault. Yet we feel compelled to hide it. We keep it closely guarded, even though this makes it harder. We make excuses or let our imaginations wander with what others must think of us.

It’s like being followed around by a monster, but you can’t tell anyone.

So I’ve decided to share my anxiety story.

Thanks to Laura at the Mindful Mom Blographer for interviewing me about my anxiety. She’s profiling a series of women and publishing anxiety stories to raise awareness and end stigma around mental illness.

It felt pretty good to talk about my anxiety. I imagined all the other moms with anxiety out there who might be able to say, “oh yeah, me too!” I hope sharing my story might help us all just a little bit.

My daughter struggles with mental illness as well. This has helped me to see the importance of being open. I found myself telling her that anxiety and depression are nothing to be ashamed of, yet realizing the example I was setting was to keep these hidden from the world.

My daughter is so strong and brave. She is already telling her friends about her experiences and helping others.

I hope you will check out my anxiety story and learn a little more about me, how my anxiety affects my life as a mom, and what I’m doing about it.

Are you a mom with anxiety? If you can relate, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Please know that you are not alone!

Moms with anxiety: you're not alone


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