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Over 500 Acts of Kindness To Do With Your Kids

Are you ready to kick your kid’s kindness training into high gear? This mega-list of kindness activities for families is just for you.

That’s right, kindness is like a muscle and will get stronger with everyday practice. I can tell the awesome parent like you is ready to inspire and grow kindness in your kid.

The whole family can have fun in the process.

Hopefully you’ve read the Ultimate Guide to Raising Kind Kids

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Now you’re ready to make kindness just as routine as brushing your teeth, except way more fun. The great thing is you can go as simple or creative as you want. Mix it up!

There are so many options to choose from. You should be able to find a variety to suit your family’s lifestyle, schedule, and interests.

Let your kid take the wheel and choose what speaks to them. Watch their passion for helping others blossom. Once they experience what kindness can do for others and themselves, they’ll be hooked.

Here are over 500 ideas for acts of kindness to get you inspired:

Books with more ideas include:

I hope that’s enough to get you started. Once you get going, you’ll be coming back for more. Kindness feels so good!

Mark your calendars for Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17), World Kindness Day (November 13), and September 11 National Day of Service.

Start your own list of favorite kindness activities and keep adding to it. Chronicle your family’s successes and feel good about what you achieve together.

Don’t forget to tell your child how proud you are of them when they go above and beyond in showing kindness. Reflect with them on what effect their kindness has. And give yourself a pat on the back for supporting your young ones in this most important area of their development.

Now get out there with your kids and make the world a brighter place! I’d love to hear your experiences—please share in the comments.


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