50+ Christmas Gifts for Minimalists

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The kindness, generosity, and love that spread joy throughout this special holiday give me a feeling that’s hard to describe. I guess there’s still a strong connection to childhood memories too—something I hope my kids will have when they’re older as well.

So while gifts are certainly not the reason for the season, they do add to the enjoyment for me. I love spending Christmas time with family, watching excitement on the kids’ faces and warming the hearts of loved ones with thoughtfulness.

When I decided to start simplifying my life by embracing minimalism—having less belongings, making fewer purchases, and shedding excess stuff—I wondered where that would leave Christmas. Since then, I’ve realized there are plenty of ways to enjoy gifts as a minimalist.

If you have a minimalist in your life you’d like to treat, or maybe you just don’t want to burden those you care about with extra things, there are plenty of gift options. In fact, some of the gifts on this list I’ve enjoyed way more than a typical material gift.

Minimalist Christmas Gifts: 50+ Ideas They'll Love

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Christmas Gifts for Minimalists

Check out the full list below or, better yet, get the Free Printable List of Christmas Gifts for Minimalists and leave it in a conspicuous place like on your loved one’s pillow.

Experience Gifts

1. Family trip

Tickets to a water park, amusement park, or a booking at a hotel or Airbnb.

2. Movie night

Fandango gift card or passes to a favorite theater.

3. Nice meal out

Make a reservation at a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try or an old favorite.

4. Night away

One night away can be so recharging; it can be at a hotel, bed & breakfast, or Airbnb rental.

5. Tour of your city

Segue tour, trolley tour, walking tour, ghost tour. Learn more about your town.

6. Escape room

A bit of intense fun.

7. Membership to a zoo

Great for families.

8. Membership to a museum

They’ll get free or discounted entry to exhibits all year long.

9. Murder mystery dinner

A memorable spin on the traditional night out.

10. Wine or beer tasting

Visit a local vineyard, wine bar, or brewery and take your time.

11. Tickets to an exhibit

Help them make time to experience something new.

12. Tickets to a performance

Enjoy seeing a comedian, musician, author, speaker, performer, etc.

13. Tickets to a sporting event

Help them see a favorite team or sport.

14. Tickets to a concert

Rock, classical, and everything in between—whatever floats their boat.

15. Cooking class

Find a local cooking class for baking, cake decorating, cheese making, canning, or a specific style of cooking.

16. Art or photography class

For the creative types.

17. Boat ride

Being on the water will be picturesque, relaxing, and memorable.

18. Horseback ride

Let them become one with nature for a while, even if they’re inexperienced.

19. Carriage ride

A romantic winter carriage ride through the countryside—what an unforgettable experience!

20. Workout class

If there’s a type of class they’ve wanted to try but have been hesitant to commit the time or money.

21. Yoga or meditation experience

Help them get their Zen on. Bonus points if there are goats.

22. “Behind the scenes” tour

Get behind the scenes at a zoo, museum, or historical place for a special up-close experience.

23. Nature class

Star gazing, beekeeping, learn to paddle, homesteading, or anything related to their interests. Check local outdoor stores or nature centers for options.

Relaxation Gifts

24. Massage

So relaxing. Spafinder gift cards are accepted at over 27,000 locations.

25. Mani/Pedi

A treat for the hardworking.

26. Facial

Rejuvenating; consider adding aromatherapy.

27. Spa day

The ultimate in pampering.

28. Hair salon

A fresh new look without worrying about the time or money.

29. Subscription to satellite or internet radio service

Enjoy personalized tunes for months.

30. iTunes gift card

They choose their favorite songs, movies, books.

31. App store gift card

They can upgrade their technology with productivity apps, games, or more.

Consumable Gifts

32. Fine chocolates

Meant to be savored.

33. Baked goods

From your oven or a local bakery’s.

34. Peanut brittle

High-quality peanut brittle can be a welcome treat.

35. Roasted nuts

Wholesome and delicious.

36. Local jam

A tasty sweet that lasts.

37. Tea

Consider a special blend or variety for the tea lover.

38. Coffee

Research a great roast.

39. Honey

Natural and useful.

40. Flowers

Fresh cut or to be planted.

41. Fruit

In a cut arrangement or whole.

42. Steaks

A gift card or selection delivered.

Gifts for Making Life Easier

43. Home cleaning

Take a load off! Get them a few hours of professional cleaning service.

44. Car detailing

Who ever has time for this?

45. Babysitting hours

A parent’s greatest gift.

46. Homemade coupons

A hit with parents. See my free printable. “No whining day” is a favorite.

47. Handyman hours

For someone who could use a little help getting odd jobs done. Find a reputable, insured person so they don’t have to do the homework (consider Angie’s list).

48. Hard labor

Do any lingering home projects for your loved one yourself.

49. Subscription to cooking box

Many services exist today. They can make meal prep so much easier.

50. Subscription to a CSA

Fresh, local food.

Charitable Gifts

51. Donate to a charitable organization in their name

Find a cause that’s meaningful to them.

52. Sign up to volunteer together

Roll up your sleeves and spend some quality time helping others.

53. Plant a tree in their name

Great for the nature lover or anyone.

54. Save/adopt an animal

Just wait for them to say awwwww.

55. Sponsor a third-world child

Tug at the heart strings.

56. Support the arts through Patreon

The arts lover will appreciate.

Merry Minimalist Christmas

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration to be able to shower the minimalist in your life with a gift that shows how much you care. Pat yourself on the back for not giving something that will need to be donated a few months (or weeks) later. Many of these Christmas gifts for minimalists can be so much more meaningful than material goods.

Don’t let gift giving overwhelm you this season. Check out the free Christmas List App for organizing your shopping.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a minimalist, if you think you have enough stuff, you can decline holiday gifts or send people a link to this post for ideas.

You don’t want to be stuck the day after Christmas wondering, “where am I going to put all this stuff?” Try some Christmas gifts for minimalists and see how it feels to simplify.

Did I miss an idea? Share yours in the comments!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Minimalists

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